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About us : Groupfarez

Groupfarez.com is the unit of Keerat incorporated with a seed of nurturing the niche product of Groups in the Travel Industry. Our Leaders after working for Airlines, big Travel Companies, OTA’s and after travelling the major countries sat together and thought of doing something required and need of time. So have done the survey from Travel Agents, People, Corporates etc and result came in to introduce the product for Group Travel. Indian Travel Industry has a great potential and at times Airline, Hotels and other vendors loose a most of business due to not able to cater to the groups efficiently and results in dropped down of programmes. As name reflects we are focused on working closely with Groups.

Think of Groups means time consuming task waiting for several airline’s quote, hotel quote and other products quote viz Insurance, Transfers, Cruise etc. Now if you get all under one site and in few hours your quote is ready in few clicks, how easy for you to plan for such a hectic task. Being a one-stop travel company our team comprises professionally qualified specialists in each area. Over the years we have established ourselves as a professional, service oriented and cost effective Travel Management Company for our business associates.

We have the expertise to provide any travel product at optimum cost. Our professionals offer expert guidance and take care of your every requirement, giving you optimum value for money. Give us your worries of contacting Airlines/Hotels/Suppliers etc and let us work for you for the minimal cost from your behalf and you enjoy the rest.

Also we have made your work easier if you want to join any fixed departure group viz only Air or Package of any company, this is the most awaited product of the time. Think of the fixed departure seat and calling/contacting several vendors for seat availability, now you can save time by just check our website and book yourself or your customer.