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Destination Weddings

While wedding budgets continue to rise and guest lists are shrinking. The average wedding now has 139 guests, down from 149 in 2009," said Rebecca Dolgin" Couples are focusing on creating an amazing guest experience and reception details, including finding unique venues to reflect their personality. Perhaps the biggest change we've seen is in the amount of brides using their mobile phone to plan their wedding—it has doubled in just three years."

There are somewhere between one and ten million weddings in India each year. Last November, on a particularly auspicious date on the Hindu calendar, a staggering 60,000 weddings took place in New Delhi alone ­ all in one evening — bringing traffic in the city to a standstill.

Each year, around 2,000 high-end weddings take place in India. These are multi-day extravaganzas that defy the Western imagination, complete with pyrotechnics, performances by gyrating Bollywood actors and international music stars, and thousands upon thousands of invited guests.

"The Indian wedding is the Indian wedding is the Indian wedding. There is nothing that comes close to it," said superstar fashion designer Rohit Bal over breakfast the day after his bridal show in New Delhi. "Where else can you show off your extravagance, your opulence, your wealth?"

And, each year, these weddings seem to become more and more over the top, as prominent families aim to outdo each other with even more elaborate events, more exotic destinations, more expensive clothes and fine jewelry.

So we would be the part of this growing trend and have one stop for all your Destination Wedding , we offer tailor-made services that merge together to create the saga that an Indian wedding is all about. Whether it is your dream to marry at a beach with the incessant sound of the waves crashing in the background or you would love to marry in a desert, whether you dream of high mountains or at the Cruise where time seems to be frozen, we are here to help you make your dreams come true.

Our team has always believed in turning your wedding dreams into something so beautiful that it stays with them as a memory that you will always cherish without going through the stress that planning such an event involves.

In India wedding are something that a family starts planning about as soon as a child is born. But the execution of such an event is quite different and often leaves us feeling drained and unable to enjoy that which you coveted most. Our Expert team is the perfect friend who will not only help you plan the theme and destination where you want that all important day to take place but also make sure everything goes perfectly and according to your budget.

Whether in India or in an International location, our efficient team will always be there to take a stand and see that everything goes without a hitch. You can choose to be involved in the planning process as much or as little as you want. Whether you wish for a small and intimate affair, a large scale royal production, or an exotic destination wedding, we will make your wedding an unforgettable and unique event.

We offer you a one-stop solution for every kind of weddings in India and abroad. Join us; let us make it happen for you too.

We look forward to your patronage and support in making your Event a great and enjoyable experience.

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